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* Subjective Objectivity; or Actuation of the Physical Self *

Sorrow's Panopticon lies beneath a towering willow
within, Sol reverberates among a circle of trees and stone
surrounded by a bottomless black ocean
mirrored as a Vibration reflected in an Endless Age

+ - While barely surviving in this empty state, faith returns for a moment.

+ - dreams are no longer abstract
limbs reach, take hold, release limbs
now rising above and beyond the whirlpool beneath

+ -The Beast Beneath Me, spiraling down to a deep within.
a release still unknown to Sol

+ - wings form once again, as if never gone
spreading, extended to catch the Breath of Life
to float above the evil below
to soar far away from the tempting liquid,
yearning to draw me in

+ Balance is Found -

+ among the clouds is an overpowering feeling
beauty that draws me nearer
grasping and empowering the soul
revealed as love, the precious bliss -

+ a short-lived ecstasy
Love, an endless fuel -

~ a moment of meaning among a lifetime of melancholy ~

Balance is Lost + -

although having risen above the nothingness below,
selfish ambition takes hold
The Spirit that has allowed Ascension is
In The Grasp of Evil now + -

having been forgotten, Sol's self-destruction begins
Wings that once led me to witness one perfect moment. +
- soon turn to wax, wax to liquid
Continuing Existence only in memory as a thought I once knew to be real.

+ - as I descend the sky, I recall what I've always known:
loneliness is all that keeps me from continuing as myself
instead, I've become stuck in cycle I fear I may never escape
failure, is it necessary to satisfy only humble aspirations?
all of this accomplished pretension and bleakness is pathetic
But loneliness compels me, it won't leave me alone.

death's discension dampens dingy downcast disspirit

...into the dreariness close below
landing back among the forest, deepest within
evading the ocean and Charybdis beneath myself

Introspection - learning from myself, my mistakes
To escape an Esoteric prison


Among a forest
of self-reflection
of segmented being
of timeless thawing rivers
Where I became what I am today and become as every moment passes; an ever-changing perception of nostalgic longing; a continuation of a thought I can't remember the beginning of, nor can I know the end of what has yet to come.

hope is the remaining and the calling
as an echo:
I dream of the love I once knew
Love without desire
willing only disciplined spirit, but

Sol will continue wondering as a hopeful echo lost in the dark woods of my own mind until Omnio is found.
A pretentious way of describing a recurring progression of my own feelings.
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November 4, 2011
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